Hello all, I'm Alysha and I have been qualified as a vinyasa yoga teacher since January 2015, here's a bit about yoga and me... 

Yoga allows me to see the world more clearly,

Yoga allows me to live freely,

Yoga allows me to connect to me.

Yoga is not merely stretching or physical activity, yoga is a way of life, a way of being and a way to find contentment and peace within.


Yes I have been gym-bunny, run-aholic, class enthusiast and HIIT addict, you name it I have tried it. It was after all of this never really making me truly happy inside that I found yoga. This is when life took a turn for me, nothing has ever made me experience true happines  and self acceptance such as yoga, all that I need is right within me. 


I am healthier now than ever, physically and mentally, I have more control and awareness of my body and notice the changes and needs of my physical self by connecting within. Too often as humans we shut off from ourselves and block things out only causing them to come back stronger. I enjoy life as it comes and take pleasure in the little things. Yoga teaches awareness with non-judgment, enabling you to be the master of you. Self-control, resilience, self-love and focus are just a few values I have acquired through my yoga practice.


I currently teach gentle flow classes to adults at Worlington Village hall and The Self Centre in Bury St. Edmunds alongside private children's classes. In addition to my yoga teaching I am completing a masters in Occupational Therapy, in the future my desire is to tie yoga and OT together and work with children and or adults with special needs using yoga as an intervention.


I have recently trained with The Special Yoga Foundation and am now qualified to teach yoga as a therapeutic intervention to children with special needs. This course changed my life, never have I seen such beauty and felt such love in this world until this course. Yoga has the ability to create peace, spread love and heal the world. 

Om Shanti <3 


​© 2016 by Yoga with Alysha