What is yoga? How do I find yoga? Part 1

This week in class I have been teaching the act of having compassion. Firstly compassion and love for yourself and then we must have compassion and love for all others. Yoga is not a selfish act and as my students know within my classes there is no ego. It does not matter what anyone else is doing in the class and how they look in the asana it is about how you connect with your breath and mind and how you feel in the posture. It is simply not enough to do yoga to become more flexible or become stronger or help your back, yes these things will happen yet they are, shall we say a side effect if you practice real yoga. Yoga is not an exercise, it is not a religion it is a spiritual and ascetic discipline/ way of life and to be honest the way of life we should all be living. Yes you can still be religious and have your own faith and practice yoga. Asceticism can be described as a lifestyle of self discipline, an absence from worldly pleasures (material items), is it really these things that make us happy? Yoga teaches us that all we need is right within us, the practice of yoga teaches us how to find this. True yoga allows you be more at one with yourself, more contented with life and have more happiness, less needs and wants from all that surround you. My teachings are now more focused on the philosophy of yoga so that my students can understand what it takes to create a meaningful yoga practice. Come along to any of my classes to join in with the teachings.

Yoga class in Red Lodge 6.10-7.10pm at St. Christopher's School

Yoga class in Beck Row Basics and Beginners 6.30-7.30pm

Yoga class in Beck Row, Flow class 7.40-8.40pm

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