Wow it's been a while

Wow, I didn't realise how long it had been since I posted...just shows how life gets crazy even for yoga teachers!

I don't know where to start, so much has happened...I think I'll keep it short and sweet for now. Throughout my classes lately I have been guiding students into creating a self practice. To me this is an important part of yoga; to have a self practice. Your yoga teacher will not always be there, it is up to the student to learn from the teacher through sharing knowledge. Come to classes to gain skills to enable you to carry on your practice at home. Self practice allows you to connect deeper within and really create yoga for you, listen to mind, body and soul you practice will just happen. Whatever comes up for you on your mat let it be and go with it don't resist or judge just simply become aware and attentive to yourself. Sometimes I practice in the lounge, in the garden, in the studio before class, in my bedroom..wherever feel right that day.

Heres a few pictures of me practicing in the garden , its always beautiful practicing around nature under the sun <3

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