Sometimes less is more

So I am nearly 3 weeks into my break from guiding yoga sessions. I took a very difficult decision to refrain from all yoga classes and focus on my own needs of rest and relaxation, this was difficult as I know it as affected those who I share my practice with on a weekly basis but I am so grateful everyone has been understanding and kind. With this mush needed break I have also been able to focus on my own yoga practice and my own heart mediation. Sometimes stepping right back is what we must do in order to notice how we can continue, how we can support ourselves and look after ourself best. I, just like many others was cramming my diary full, filling every gap with something that I thought I HAD to do. I have now been able to engage in my mediation praise allowing this and my heart to guide me in life. I have given myself space and time and I am feeling more like I headed to the right path. I actually managed to get to a yoga practice last week and WOW it was amazing, tough but amazing. It was with a lovely teacher named Driekie she was very special and made me smile throughout the practice even it if was a strong vinyasa flow!!

My own practice at home has been very basic, gentle and calm sometimes 2-3 postures, mediation and relaxation, I do not judge myself or push myself I am listening to my heart and allowing my heart to guide me though my practice one way I really find helps this is if I practice with my eyes closed, it's as though nothing else is there my heart and my mat...

Why don't you all try a heart guided self practice and let me know how you get on!

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